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Musings from Dennis: Apple, I’m willing to put an ‘Apple Car’ through the bumpy driveway, messy kids tests

Apple will reportedly roll out an “Apple Car” sometime around 2024. I’m expecting a partnership with another company, not an Apple-made vehicle built from scratch (that’s another article). But I’m willing to help the tech giant out by testing a vehicle under difficult circumstances.

The driveway test

First of all, I can find out how well an Apple Car can make it up and down a bumpy driveway. The driveway at the Sellers house is 1,000 feet of curves and steep inclines. After a hard rain, the gravel driveway has some serious bumps. 

My grandkids love it when I drive up and down the driveway as fast as possible, so they can go “bump-bump.” Older folks are terrified when I do this. 

The driveway would be a great way to test out the suspension system of an Apple Car.

The messy kids test

Speaking of the grandkids, I often pick up Elizabeth and Gabriel from day care and preschool. And we always stop for ice cream. No matter what I buy ‘em (shake, cone, ice cream in a cup), they manage to get it all over themselves, their car seats, the floor, and sometimes the interior of the roof.

Especially my grandson. Apparently, Gabriel feels about ice cream the way I feel about pizza: that it should always be eaten with your hands.

Cleaning up my after a few grandkids/ice cream runs is always tedious. I’d love to see if the design of an Apple Car interior is easily cleanable.

So, Apple, if you’re interested, just drop me a line at I’m sure we can work out something. 

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Have a great weekend.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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