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Gaming devices recorded exponential sales growth during key pandemic months

Pandemic lockdowns drove big sales upticks for stay-at-home digital devices – from monitors to headsets. But GfK data shows that gaming-related hardware consistently beat even those elevated performances, with gaming-powered notebook computers leading the way.

Findings from GfK’s global (excluding North America) point-of-sale data show that sales for gaming notebooks increased 25% year over year, outpacing non-gaming models. 

In addition, while standard monitors posted a 9% revenue uptick, gaming monitors grew 52%. And traditional desktop PCs grew 3% – while gaming desktops gained 35%.

Gaming peripherals also turned in stellar numbers, with growth for gaming headsets, keyboards and mice roughly double that for non-gaming models.

“Even before the pandemic, sales of gaming units were posting strong gains,“ says Josh Wanderman, GfK´s Vice President of Global Market Insights. “With online games becoming more advanced and the rising popularity of Esports and gaming generally, these devices became the go-to choices when homebound consumers saw a need to upgrade their equipment.“

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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