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Twelve South debuts ActionSleeve 2 for the Apple Watch

Twelve South has launched the ActionSleeve 2 for Apple Watch for the Apple Watch. It’s an US$39.99 fabric armband that helps you expand the way you workout with the smartwatch by giving you the option to wear it wherever it’s most comfortable, not just the wrist. 

When placed higher on your arm, the ActionSleeve 2 still keeps the sensors on Apple Watch in close contact with your body. This allows you to continue closing rings and monitoring your steps. The ActionSleeve 2 also surrounds and protects your Apple Watch from nicks and dings while keeping its digital crown fully accessible.

The folks at Twelve South say it’s made of a non-allergenic polyurethane that’s soft against the skin. Each seam is precision stitched and extra fabric is placed beneath the hardware to eliminate any rubbing or pinching. ActionSleeve 2 adjusts to fit arms up to 15-inches (13.4 inch maximum for the 40mm ActionSleeve 2). Installing an Apple Watch into ActionSleeve 2 is simple. Remove your watch band, press Apple Watch into the band’s secure shell, slip ActionSleeve 2 onto your arm and you’re ready for action.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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