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Day One App Acquired by Automattic

I’ve been a huge fan of the Day One journaling app since it first appeared. I use it to keep track of what’s going on in my personal life. I love to be able to update the app from Mac, iPhone and iPad with written text, photos, videos, and more. I’m also a big proponent of WordPress, the content management system used to publish Apple World Today. On June 14, Automattic Inc. — the parent company of WordPress and Tumblr — announced that it was acquiring the journaling app’s development team.

Automattic plans to keep the app development team intact. I personally think this could be a great move for both companies. I already find the app to be a great journaling tool. If it can immediately publish to a WordPress blog, it’ll be an even more powerful tool.

Here’s a quote from Day One founder Paul Mayne:

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Day One is being acquired by Automattic. This is incredibly exciting news. For the past 10 years since I started Day One, I’ve worked to not only create the best digital journaling experience in the world, but one that will last. By joining Automattic, I’m now more confident than ever that the preservation and longevity of Day One is sure. This acquisition will provide Day One access to the same technological, financial, and security benefits that WordPress.comTumblr, and other Automattic entities enjoy.

Paul Mayne, Day One Blog (

The Best of Both Worlds

Bloom Built, the company started by Mayne, has won a number of plaudits in the Apple world since the app first appeared. Automattic is run by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. He’s the same guy who insists on having a default WordPress plugin to place Hello, Dolly quotes randomly on WP sites. Automattic does a fantastic job of making WordPress the world’s leading content management system.

As a user of both platforms, I honestly can’t think of a better “marriage” of apps. Best wishes to the new couple!

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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