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News items you should check out: May 21

Since Steve and I can’t cover everything, occasionally we’ll direct your attention to articles from various other sources worth your time.

° The latest iOS 14.7 beta enables HomePod users to set timers from the Home app, a function previously restricted to voice instructions through Siri.

° AppleInsider reports that Apple has introduced a new affiliate program tied to its premium Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, letting users earn a commission when they drive subscriptions to a show.

° Apple has updated its Apple Store app for iPadOS with a new sidebar that offers quick access to retail features like shopping and Today at Apple sessions.

° DigiTimes says the new iPad Pro is likely to be delayed as  issues with supply for the mini-LED display will postpone the first wave of pre-orders.

° Sen. Amy Klobuchar is back with a bill to protect consumer data privacy when collected by large tech platforms like Facebook and Google, reports The Verge.

° Apple has posted a new privacy-focused ad on its YouTube channel, highlighting App Tracking Transparency on the iPhone.

° In an interview with CNN Underscored, Tim Twerdahl, Apple’s vice president of product marketing for Home and Audio, thinks that, despite criticisms about its price, he thinks the $179 device offers a “tremendous amount of value” when it comes to bang for the buck.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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