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PDFpen 12.2 adds items to the Library from the Context Menu and more

Smile has launched PDFpen and PDFpenPro 12, an update of its all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac. 

With the tool, users can add signatures, text, and images, make changes and correct typos, OCR scanned docs, fill out forms, and more. They can also mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough. Version 12.2 features adding items to the library from the context menu, and, for Pro users, JavaScript editing.

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 12 work with PDFpen for iPad and iPhone, allowing seamless editing across devices when used with Dropbox or iCloud.

PDFpen retails for US$79.95, and PDFpenPro for $129.95. Family Pack licenses, which cover up to five computers in one household, are $99.95 for PDFpen and $159.95 for PDFpenPro. Office Pack licenses start at $249.95 for PDFpen (five users) and $374.95 for PDFpenPro (five users).

Upgrades from earlier single-user versions of either application are $35, and free for users who purchased on or after January 1, 2020. Upgrades from any previous version of PDFpen to PDFpenPro 12 are $50. Upgrade pricing for Family Packs and Office Packs is available at the Smile web store.

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 12 require macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later. Full versions of PDFpen and PDFpenPro are available for purchase at the Mac App Store. PDFpen is also available via subscription from Setapp.

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