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ARENA, a mobile smart gym solution, launches for pre-sale

ARENA, a new workout solution, has launched for official pre-sale today. Created and designed by a team of on-the-move fitness experts who work with Olympic medalists, NFL, MLB and NBA players across the country, ARENA is re-imagining the gym by offering a completely transportable piece of fitness equipment. 

ARENA is the size of a suitcase and is constructed as a step box or bench that is completely controlled from your smart device, holds a month’s worth of workouts on a single charge and offers resistance up to 200 pounds.

Measuring 36″ x 23.5″ x 9.5″, ARENA delivers more than 100 exercise options featuring multidirectional lines of pull to offer a variety of workouts from Pilates to deadlifts. The technologically advanced plyometric box boasts proprietary features like SmartWeight, a system that automatically adjusts the resistance weight to your optimal amount and Impact Score, which quantifies your training load to progress your workout to achieve fitness goals and avoid injury. 

ARENA has a supplementary iOS and Android-compatible app that measures and records your power from each exercise, comparing them to past workouts as well as your Impact Score. For US$20 a month, users will have access to daily, new workouts and 200+ exercise videos via ARENA’s Exercise Library.. The ARENA app subscription also features 24-hour exclusive challenges where users can compete against their favorite creator’s high score and more. Designed and manufactured in the USA, ARENA is priced at $1500. To stay up to date with ARENA and to join the pre-order list, please visit:

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