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Arcus Lending creates mortgage industry’s first digital human

Arcus Lending, a San Jose, California-headquartered mortgage company in partnership with Uneeq, has launched Rachel, which it says is the mortgage industry’s first digital human.

Rachel is an AI-powered digital human trained to answer questions that borrowers may have about the mortgage process. All a customer has to do is hold down their space bar to talk to her, and she answers their questions. 

Arcus CEO Shashank Shekhar says she revolutionizes the online chatbot experience and supplements the work done by human employees. Rachel is like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, but more real because she looks like a human, Shekhar adds.

The current online chatbot experience is impersonal and does little to drive long-lasting connections with customers, according to Uneeq CEO Danny Tomsett stated, Creating an exceptional customer experience is more important than ever, especially in today’s digital-first environment, he adds.

As an AI-powered human, Rachel’s abilities will purportedly evolve as she learns through experience and analytics. As her capabilities increase, she will eventually help even more, Shekhar says.

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