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AppsFlyer rolls out SKAdNetwork Readiness Suite for iOS 14

AppsFlyer has released its SKAdNetwork readiness suite for iOS 14, to ensure app developers are able to prepare for the upcoming public release. 

As part of its suite, AppsFlyer has launched a SKAdNetwork simulation dashboard. The new dashboard presents AppsFlyer customers with the insights they’ll have access to through AppsFlyer from SKAdNetwork. The dashboard transforms their real, current attribution data to how it will look when processed through SKAdNetwork, once iOS14 is publicly available.

SKAdNetwork presents new functional and structural challenges for the advertiser, and AppsFlyer designed its solutions to tackle each of these challenges, according to Oren Kaniel, Co-Founder and CEO, AppsFlyer. 

 AppsFlyer’s latest iOS SDK was recently released for general availability (GA) as part of its iOS 14 readiness suite. The new SDK supports AppsFlyer’s aggregated attribution approach and includes several critical areas of functionality. Kaniel says that, wWith AppsFlyer’s solution, app developers have full control over their data, deciding exactly how it is collected, managed, and used by partners via data access permissions. Each partner can be configured in the advanced privacy mode, which leverages Differential Privacy and limits their access to user level data only to users that have provided the ATT consent.

AppsFlyer’s simulation dashboard is available now to all AppsFlyer customers with an iOS app. To learn more please visit

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