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SR2 Solutions adds scanning, file encryption to ActivePrint app

SR2 Solutions has announced the availability of document scanning and e file encryption for their mobile printing app, ActivePrint, in response to people having to work from home.

Charles Teel, SR2 Founder and original developer of ActivePrint, says SR2 seeks to enable users to easily convert their paper documents to PDF as well as be able to send them securely to family members and coworkers using strong passwords and full AES-256 Bit encryption.

With the document scanning feature, users can use the camera built into their iPhone or iPad to scan paper documents of various sizes and have them converted to PDF as a universal document format that can be shared or printed. The software will automatically detect the edges of the paper no matter at what angle the user is holding their device.

Users can also adjust between color and black & white, scan resolution, and paper size. After users haves scanned all the pages, they then have the option of printing a copy to a compatible printer such as ActivePrint, AirPrint, or Google Cloud Print or they can share the file through email, text message (SMS or iMessage), social media posts, or store it in the preferred cloud storage solution like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

With the encryption feature, users can securely send a password protected file to anyone. This system creates a unique URL associated with their encrypted file that can be shared with anyone through email, text message (SMS or iMessage), social media posts, or any other platform that they choose. 

Teel says that all files are encrypted using the same level of encryption used by banks, healthcare, and the military by using AES 256bit encryption that is locked to the password that the owner of the file provides. Because of the security controls that are put in place not even SR2 Solutions personnel can access the file that’s being sent, he adds.

ActivePrint requires iOS/iPadOS 11.4 or later and is available at the Apple App Store. All features are made available through an in-app purchase of ActivePrint Pro for US$9.99 per year.

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