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Kool Tools: Mokibo Folio smart keyboard

Innopresso has launched “Mokibo Folio,” an independently developed keyboard with an integrated touchpad, on Kickstarter.

The Mokibo Folio is a touchpad-embedded keyboard made exclusively for the iPad that also features heightened key and touchpad sensitivity. Its most defining feature is the efficient use of space made possible thanks to the application of a smart mode-converting algorithm and motion-recognition technology that allow the product to double as a single, large touchpad, eliminating the need for a separate touchpad or mouse. 

Mokibo Folio is a portable device that serves double duty as a small keyboard and large touchpad. Innopresso has also completed a Mokibo module for laptops. If a laptop manufacturer uses the Mokibo module, it can save the space that would have normally been allocated for a touchpad. The Mokibo also purportedly allows manufacturers to produce laptops that are 4.3% thinner and 3.9% lighter and provides improved control by offering triple the area of a typical touchpad.

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