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Output Factory for InDesign adds timestamp tokens to variable file names

Zevrix Solutions has released Output Factory 2.4.28, a feature update to the company’s output automation plug-in for Adobe InDesign. 

The software is designed to live the problem of time consuming manual output from InDesign through automation of printing, exporting, preflighting and other repetitive tasks. Output Factory empowers users to replace inefficient, boring and tedious operations with one-click processing, which eliminates significant monetary and time losses that companies incur every month, according to the folks at Zevrix.

Version 2.4.28 adds the ability to insert a timestamp into the variable names of output files created by InDesign. The update offers variable tokens for the hour, minute, second, and AM/PM marker that users are free to combine using custom separators of their choice.

Output Factory can be purchased from the Zevrix website for US$170; there’s a “lite” version available for $120. A demo is available for download. The update is free for the users of Output Factory 2.x, and $85 to upgrade from Output Factory 1.x and BatchOutput. Output Factory requires macOS 10.8-10.15 and Adobe InDesign CS5-2020.

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