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Ripley Tools introduces iOS compatible VIS Wireless Fiber Inspection Scope

Ripley Tools has introduced the ODM brand VIS 500 Wireless Fiber Inspection Scope. 

It’s designed to simplify the crucial fiber inspection process using automated image centering and focus, intelligent PASS/FAIL analysis, and pairs with Apple iOS and Android devices. Contaminated fiber end-faces are the leading cause of optical link failures, and solutions that make inspection easier will help reduce installation problems, says John Jutila, president and CEO of Ripley Tools.

The just-over 10-ounce wireless scope is the perfect addition to any tower climber’s tool bag or cable installers tool belt, he adds. Technicians can quickly and easily focus, analyze, and save the images in less than seven seconds and then upload results for cloud-based reporting. 

Quick change adapter tips available to accommodate all connector styles and ODM inSpec software is included to integrate the VIS 500 with iOS or Android devices, allowing users to view fiber end-faces, run automated analysis, save images, and create/share reports.

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