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OfficeSpace releases distancing planner tool to help organizations reopen safely

OfficeSpace Software, which specializes in workplace management software, has releasedDistancing Planner, a tool to help organizations incorporate physical distancing into their back-to-office strategy. It’s available now to all clients as part of their subscription.

Distancing Planner leverages advanced analytics to identify the optimum seating plan based on an organization’s preferred distancing radius, according to Ashkon Sabet, OfficeSpace president and co-founder. The tool also provides real-time visibility of an organization’s safe seating capacity and allows teams to visualize the seating capacity trade-offs at a range of distancing intervals.

Once a preferred seating plan is identified, users can label available desks, move employees to safe seats, split the floor into shifts, or convert workstations into bookable seating. The ability to show appropriate spacing between seats can help reassure employees of the steps the company has taken to ensure a safe return to the office.

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