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Skyflow raises $7.5 million seed round to build API for privacy

Skyflow is launching of an API for privacy, powered by a customer data vault. The company has raised US$7.5 million in a seed round led by Foundation Capital and joined by former GE CEO Jeff Immelt, insurance giant Mitsui’s MSAD venture firm, and former AthenaHealth CEO Jonathan Bush.

Just like companies like Twilio and Stripe radically simplified complex piecemeal solutions in telephony and payments with a simple API, Skyflow allows companies with sensitive data (PII, PCI or PHI) to manage, access, and govern with a small set of API calls, according to Anshu Sharma co-founder and CEO of Skyflow.

“We started Skyflow because we were inspired by what companies like Apple, Google, Netflix and others were doing to rewire their systems to prevent data breaches,” she adds. “Unlike most payment systems, Apple Pay doesn’t even ever store or use your real credit card number even when you make a payment. Skyflow has taken a similar approach to all the sensitive data so companies can run their workflows, analytics and machine learning to serve the customer, but do so without exposing the data as a result of a potential theft or breach. Recent breakthroughs in encryption and new hardware technologies like Intel SGX have allowed us to build something that was a distant dream for most even a few years ago.”

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