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Spatial offers unlimited access to its premium service for a limited time

Spatial, a VR/AR collaboration platform that allows people to work over distance as if in the same room, says that, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s opening up unlimited access to its premium services to everyone free of charge, for the coming months. 

In addition to access via major headsets, Spatial can now be used by the masses via a web version on your desktop or iPhone/Android. Anyone can enter a Spatial AR/VR meeting by clicking on a meeting link; no downloads are required. 

Spatial is also announcing an improved experience and general availability of Spatial on the Oculus Quest VR headset. Previously, this was only available in private beta.

To sign up for Spatial Free, go to, click sign up, and follow the instructions on how to download for your headset, or join directly from your desktop or smartphone.

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