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HomeKit-compatible Eve app revved to version 4.2

The Eve app — which works with all HomeKit-enabled apps from Eve — has been upgrade to version 4.2 and is available at the Apple App Store. Also, the Eve Cam will start shipping later this month; go to for more info.

If you’re already using the Eve app with a HomeKit-enabled camera, you know that you’ve always been able to take a quick look at your HomeKit-enabled cameras in At a Glance. Version 4.2 allows you to:

° View all of your Home-Kit-enabled cameras along with your other accessories at once in At a Glance.

° View details such as additional camera services and the current camera status, and manually pause or resume streaming.

° Get an overview of all of your HomeKit-enabled cameras at once using the Types view in the Rooms tab.

° A new fullscreen view makes it easy to adjust your camera’s audio settings and offers convenient push to talk functionality for cameras with both microphone and speaker.

The upcoming Eve Cam exclusively taps into HomeKit technology to deliver “privacy by design, with no parallel data sharing, no account or registration, and no tracking or profiling.” Eeven when you’re at home and have disabled all video features, you can still use Eve Cam as a full-blown motion sensor to control your other HomeKit-enabled accessories.

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