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Farrago 1.5 for macOS adds List Mode and more

Rogue Amoeba has updated Farrago, its $49 soundboard app for the Mac, to version 1.5.

Farrago lets podcasters and others who use Macs for audio editing have a huge library of music, voice and sound effects available to play with just a click. Each clip can be fully edited with fades, looped, and so on.

The most visible change in Farrago 1.5 is the overhauled List mode. Farrago’s List mode helps run linear performances, from well-planned podcasts to theater shows and other live events. Audio clips can be laid out in order, reference notes can be attached, and it can all be played in sequence.

Farrago 1.5 also adds Master Volume control that enables instant ducking, enhanced MIDI controls with support for sliders and knobs, and improved interactions throughout the entire app. A demo is available for download.

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