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Foxconn implements ‘extreme measures’ in re-oping factories

According to The Washington Post, Foxconn, an Apple manufacturing partner, is among the Chinese companies going to extreme lengths to stave off new outbreaks of the coronavirus as they reopen for business.

The article says that Foxconn — China’s largest private employer, with more than one million workers — which is anxious to keep on schedule for a fall iPhone launch. At the company’s iPhone-making complex in Zhengzhou, workers have been put into teams of 20 that stick together night and day to facilitate health tracking. Also, according to the Post:

° Each morning, workers are issued a face mask and have their temperature checked. 

° At lunchtime, they eat at cafeteria tables separated by tall dividers. Foxconn cafeteria seats have been labeled with QR codes for workers to scan so the company has a record of who sat where and when for meals, according to company notices. 

° At their dorms, workers are told to leave their coats and bags in a designated place for disinfection.

° Foxconn set up an infrared video camera that tracks employees’ body temperatures as they walk by.

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