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Altoura offers free VR/AR training software to companies fighting coronavirus

Altoura says it will give free licenses for its immersive VR/AR training and collaboration software for use in finding a COVID-19 vaccine or making health care supplies. 

The virtual and augmented reality startup is offering free licenses for six months to its Altoura Immersive Reality Platform (VR/AR/MR) and at-cost digital twin and training design services to companies or organizations, private or public, that are working on a COVID-19 vaccine or manufacturing supplies, like ventilators, PPE and testing kits, for health care workers.  The licenses can be extended, if needed.

Based in Seattle, Altoura builds virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality enterprise solutions for immersive training, layouts and virtual tours. The solutions run on iOS (iPhone and iPads), Android, Windows PC and the HoloLens. They support multi-user remote collaboration. 

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