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79% of enterprises want better integrated security, governance for cloud data

A new independent survey by AtScale, an intelligent data virtualization provider for advanced analytics, in collaboration with Cloudera and ODPi, a Linux Foundation Project, reveals that 79% of enterprises want better integrated security and governance for their data in the cloud.

“As more enterprises embrace cloud transformation, IT and data teams face increased pressure to harness the power of data and analytics for business intelligence,” said Christopher Lynch, executive chairman and chief executive officer at AtScale. “Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies are key to big data analytics. New data regulations and cybersecurity vulnerabilities are creating roadblocks for IT teams looking to use data for business intelligence, which is why data virtualization and data governance are top priorities in 2020.”

The Big Data & Analytics Maturity 2020 Survey polled more than 150 data and analytics leaders, IT/business intelligence practitioners, and business professionals from multiple industries around the globe on their enterprise cloud strategy, and their data and analytics priorities and challenges.

The survey results reveal the majority of enterprises are choosing a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy, and that data virtualization and data governance are top priorities for big data and analytics leaders. Key findings from the survey include:

“In partnering with AtScale on this report, we have found further confirmation of how critical Data Governance is in companies’ multi-cloud strategies, and the unique value the Cloudera Data Platform provides,” said Dan Wilson, director of ISV Alliances at Cloudera. “Our Shared Data Experience (SDX), which is core to our entire platform, allows companies to set data and metadata policies for security and governance policies once and automatically enforce them across all data and analytics pipelines in hybrid as well as multi-cloud.”

“With the amount of data sharing happening across platforms and systems, data governance continues to be a top priority across the board with 80% of respondents stating that data governance is very important to them,” added John Mertic, director at ODPi. “We see open source technologies as pathways towards unifying metadata silos and enabling compliance policies.”

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