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Jetico delivers enterprise encryption software for Macs with T2 security chip

Jetico, which specializes in data encryption, has announced support for Mac computers with a T2 security chip. 

“Native OS encryption tools might be an easy way to get started with data protection. Yet there’s a critical limitation. Their security is bound to only some versions of a single operating system,” states Jetico CEO Michael Waksman. “BestCrypt is already proven to run on more Windows versions than native BitLocker. Now we expand our cross-platform protection to all editions of Mac.”

The latest version of BestCrypt Volume Encryption applies FileVault, macOS native encryption, for Apple File System (APFS) volumes on computers with a T2 chip. Jetico offers an OS agnostic encryption tool used for all other volumes to ensure cross compatibility, especially when handling removable drives.

Jetico Central Manager (JCM), part of BestCrypt Volume Encryption – Enterprise Edition, also includes:

BestCrypt Volume Encryption – Enterprise Edition can also run in the cloud, empowering Admins to control all disk encryption activities from anywhere without needing to configure and maintain a dedicated server. To try it for free go to

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