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FontAgent Server Bondi adds Sharable Tags, nested sets, user controls

Insider Software has announced the Bondi Release of FontAgent Server, which adds more organization, configurability, control and consistency to the object-based font server. 

The new release features sharable client-side and server-side tags, uploadable and downloadable nested sets, and settings for controlling the functionality of Mac and Windows connected clients. The new tag manager enables admins to create and manage a centralized database of server-based tags.

The Bondi Release is already being used by FontAgent CloudServer customers as part of their subscription service. The server software also runs on-premises in Enterprise and TeamServer installations on macOS, Windows, and Linux servers. Both the cloud and on-premises versions of the server support integration with enterprise directory services compatible with Active and Open Directory.

For on-premises server customers with current maintenance agreements, the Bondi upgrade is available at no charge. Customers wanting more product, pricing, upgrade and availability information can visit Insider Software’s website (

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