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Kool Tools: DuraSled for iPhones

Socket Mobile has launched a new family of scanning sleds – the $229 DuraSled for the iPhone X and 11. The series supports all the latest iPhones, as well as the iPod touch.

As more companies use iPhone apps to run their businesses, there is a greater need for a single-handed solution that combines both the iPhone and an enterprise-grade scanner. The DuraSled is that solution; it protects the phones from tumbles and provides a charging solution for all environments. The DuraSled is especially designed for delivery services, stock counting, ticketing and other application-driven mobile solutions.

The DuraSled’s core elements remain constant, enabling seamless transitions to changing iPhone models, using the same application and same DuraSled charging infrastructure. DuraSled already supports the iPod touch, iPhone 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X series, and will support the entire iPhone 11 series by the fourth quarter.

With DuraSleds available for all iPhone models, replacement options are reduced to a fraction of the cost of an entire scanning sled replacement. They’re available for purchase on Socket Mobile’s online store ( and will be available via online resellers, such as Amazon, in the coming weeks.

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