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U.S. data center construction market to reach $11 billion in revenues by 2024

According to Arizton‘s recent research report Data Center Construction Market in US – Industry Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024, the data center construction market in US is expected to reach revenues of $11 billion by 2024. Highlights from the report include:

° Over 120 new and expansion projects were identified in the US, which became operational between January 2018 and June 2019.

° New entrants such as Archer Datacenters, GIGA Data Centers, PointOne, and EdgeCore, are fueling the growth of hyperscale data centers in the U.S.

° The southeastern U.S. accounted for 30% of the investment in the market in 2018, followed by the southwestern and western U.S.

° Virginia continues to dominate the investment scene in the US with more than 20 projects. Texas is another important region with 15 data center investment projects.

° The data center expansion plans of hyperscale service providers such as Apple, Facebook, and Google will continue to boost the market growth during the forecast period.

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