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Scalefusion launches macOS device management for enterprises

ProMobi Technologies has announced that Scalefusion, its Mobile Device Management solution, now supports the management of macOS devices. The goal is to make it easy for the IT administrators to automate the setup of Mac machines and deploy policies and applications to ensure that they are in sync with the corporate policies.

“The industry is witnessing a huge rise in Mac device usage, and the popularity of Mac devices is consistently growing in both enterprises and educational institutes across varied use-cases,” says Sriram Kakarala, vice president, Mobility at ProMobi Technologies. “We are glad to announce that Scalefusion MDM now supports macOS device management, and we are looking forward to helping companies manage the whole inventory of MacBook and iMac with an easy enrollment process, enhanced management capabilities, and improved security settings.”

Scalefusion macOS management will enable the IT administrators to manage and monitor the Mac machines from a single and unified dashboard. They can view the device inventory along with the device information and can perform device level actions like Reboot or Shutdown, remotely.

For more information about Scalefusion macOS management or to request an evaluation, go to

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