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FileShadow announces app to enhance the FileShadow Cloud File Assurance Service

FileShadow ( has announced the FileShadow Desktop app. It aggregates files stored in Apple iCloud Files, and local and direct attached storage (DAS), including Drobo direct attached appliances. With this addition, the majority of all cloud and Mac OS storage options are made available in one secure cloud vault for a consolidated catalog of files, according to FileShadow CEO Tyrone Pike.

An additional benefit of FileShadow’s Desktop app is that any files and photos placed in iCloud from a Mac, a browser, an iPhone, or any Apple device can become part of the FileShadow archive.

FileShadow archives and automatically catalogs photos and files across multiple cloud storage, desktop and NAS/DAS platforms, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe’s Lightroom solutions, Mac OS desktop (including iCloud Drive files and iCloud Photos), Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and Drobo network and direct attached storage (NAS/DAS) devices.

FileShadow doesn’t replace these cloud storage vendors; it aggregates the files from these sources and protects them in a single cloud vault. As files are added to FileShadow’s service, extensive, searchable metadata is created for each file. The service discovers a file’s content and location (GPS), performs optical character recognition (OCR) on PDFs, and creates machine learning (ML)-generated vision tags for photographic images and graphics. This analysis helps users more effectively find files that are stored in their various accounts and devices.

The service also archives each revision and generation of every file, regardless of whether or not it was retained in the original, linked cloud storage system—thus providing a specific system of record for all files stored in each cloud storage account.

The FileShadow Service is free of charge for up to 100 GB of data. Subscriptions are available for more storage.

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