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OSS launches PCIe Gen 4.0 Render Accelerator, Video Recorder Platforms

One Stop Systems (, which specializes in high-performance computing, has introduced the world’s first PCIe Gen 4 GPU Render Accelerator platform and Video Recorder platform at the 2019 NAB Show being held this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The platforms are based on OSS’s first-to-market PCIe Gen 4 Value Chassis it announced in February. Supporting flexible configurations of multiple high-end rendering GPUs, state of the art video capture cards and high capacity NVMe storage, these solutions connect to any PCIe Gen 4 enabled servers via two 256Gbps PCIe Gen 4 interfaces, according to OSS CEO Steve Cooper.

They support a range of PCIe slot configurations from eight x16 slots to sixteen x8 slots in a 4U, 19 inch enclosure. The GPU Render Accelerator platform can incorporate up to eight high-performance rendering GPUs, and the Video Recorder platform supports up to 20GB/sec video capture bandwidth.

As the market transitions from PCIe Gen 3 to Gen 4, the OSS 4U Value Chassis provides immediate benefit by aggregating the traffic of multiple Gen 3 cards and connecting to the server at full Gen 4 speeds, Cooper says. It is designed to support all new Gen 4 IO and accelerator cards as they become available.

PCIe Gen 4 offers cutting-edge system performance that doubles the interconnect bandwidth over Gen 3. The new industry standard provides 16 GT/s per lane or 256 GT/s in a x16 PCIe Gen 4 slot, alleviating system bottlenecks between CPU complexes and GPUs, storage and video capture devices.

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