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FileMaker Inc. ranks number one on G2 Crowd report

G2 Crowd has released its Spring 2019 Workplace Innovation Platforms Report, naming FileMaker, Inc (, the clear leader against competitors like Airtable, Google App Maker, Salesforce Lightning, Quick Base, and others.

G2 Crowd scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from its user community (collected through January 31, 2019), as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. It applies a unique algorithm to this data to calculate customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real time.

“FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform enables businesses to move from maintenance to growth,” said Ann Monroe, vice president of worldwide marketing and customer success at FileMaker, Inc. “We help people who are actually in the trenches solve problems by allowing them to innovate their own way. This ranking from G2 Crowd is particularly gratifying because it’s based on reviews from those we strive to serve.”

“We created the Workplace Innovation Platforms category to better depict the evolution of trends in mobility, workplace and digital transformation,” said Aaron Walker, senior research specialist at G2 Crowd. “Workplace Innovation Platforms empower business users to be problem solvers and allow any member of an organization to contribute and assist in modernizing business operations. We needed a space to compare products used by global organizations and SMBs to build new tools and adapt existing ones for practical, modern use.”

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