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Recommended reading: ‘Python Flash Cards’

And now for something completely different: a set of flash cards that teaches the basics of Python programming.

The Python Flash Cards ($27.95, 101 color cards, January 2019) distill essential Python programming knowledge into 101 laminated instructional cards. This boxed set of color-coded cards focuses on core concepts and skills essential to developing basic proficiency in Python. Concept cards cover general programming topics like operating systems, text editors, and planning projects. Syntax cards focus on Python specifics such as data types and structures, functions and methods, and program flow.

“The cards are designed to work in a variety of ways and match how the reader is learning,” says author Eric Matthes, who has over 20 years of teaching experience with at-risk students. “I’ve spent my life thinking about what works for students and what doesn’t work and took that mindset when designing the Python Flash Cards.”

Great for digging into specific topics, the Python Flash Cards are also perfect for:

•    After-school programs and school clubs

•    Classroom use

•    Tutoring organizations

•    Exam prep

•    Parents teaching their kids how to code

•    Professional training

•    Individualized instruction and reference

The Python Flash Cards offer an alternative method for learning code that breaks complex topics into digestible bits. Available in fine bookstores everywhere.

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