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Kool Tools: Sutter Sling Pouch

WaterField Designs has introduced the Sutter Sling Pouch, a minimalist crossbody Sling to carry daily necessities too bulky or plentiful to fit into pants pockets. Available in full-grain leather and tan waxed canvas or black ballistic nylon, it keeps valuables secure and easily accessible. 

This modern, professional-looking version of the popular waist pack rests comfortably on one’s back or chest leaving hands free. The Sling Pouch fills a special niche: it’s an all-purpose bag that fits more than your pocket, but less than a messenger; it’s the ideal everyday carry for minimalists. Features include:

° An angled strap attachment that creates clean look and keeps bag flat against the back or chest;

° A quick-adjust metal cam lock that easily tightens/loosens the strap; 

° A front, ultra-soft-lined pocket is ideal for smartphones and other quick-access items;

° Two interior, open-topped pockets that store small items;

° A key fob that facilitates convenient key retrieval; 

° A gold, rip-stop liner lights up the interior, so contents are easy to locate;

° YKK water-repellent zippers that keep contents secure.

The back panel is padded with firm, closed-cell foam that is lined with moisture-wicking mesh, providing extra cushioning for the back or chest and for pouch contents. The Sutter Sling Pouch is available in rugged tan waxed canvas or black ballistic nylon, with premium leather accents.

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