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Kool Tools: Audeara headphones with built-in hearing test

Audeara is the world’s first headphone offering an in-built hearing test to protect users’ ears. 

The headphones can prevent hearing loss by making the sound better rather than louder, which prevents the ongoing cycle of hearing damage. According to the World Health Organization (WHO):

° 1.1 billion young people (between the ages of 12–35 years) are at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to noise in recreational settings.

° Over 43 million people between the ages of 12–35 years live with disabling hearing loss due to different causes.

° Among teenagers and young adults aged 12–35 years in middle to high-income countries, nearly 50% are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from the use of personal audio devices and around 40% are exposed to potentially damaging sound levels at clubs, discotheques and bars.

Audeara headphones can be used to test and retest hearing over a lifetime and adapt music to the users’ individual needs. They sharpen music, not making it louder to improve the experience and provide perfect sound. The first time the headphones are worn, the user undertakes a hearing test – the results of which are subsequently stored in the headphones themselves. The headphones use this hearing profile is used to adjust the sound signal. They adjust the right ear differently from the left.

After the first test, the app isn’t required again unless the user wants to retest. This means headphones store the sound specification themselves making them sophisticated tools for personalized sound

For a limited time the Audeara headphones are available from for $249.99 instead of the normal price of $379.99.

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