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FlexiHb 3.4 for macOS offers new device filters, more

Eltima Software has released FlexiHub 3.4 (, an update to their cross platform, USB sharing tool for macOS. 

The tool allows redirecting USB ports and devices attached to them across the Internet so that multiple network users can access the shared USB peripherals from their local computers. Version 3.4 offers new device filters and an option to log in to the software account using tokens. All network connections created using FlexiHub are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.

FlexiHub 3.4 pricing is based on a subscription plan. You can choose your own subscription plan depending on how many simultaneous connections you require. If you don’t feel the need to connect to remote USB peripherals, but just want to share devices attached to your computer, you can sign up for a FlexiShare plan provided at no cost.

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