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CS Odessa announces new enhancement for ConceptDraw Diagram 12

CS Odessa ( has announced a new enhancement for ConceptDraw Diagram 12. It’a set of libraries that provides a solution for reflected ceiling plans design. 

The improved solution provides the tools necessary to create professional Reflected Ceiling plans, showing the location of the design elements and hanging equipment that may be suspended from the ceiling. The new edition of Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP) solution updates the previous release with new scalable vector objects and sample drawings.

Reflected Ceiling Plans Solution is a $49 paid solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. The updated solution now includes 8 libraries containing 316 vector objects along with the set of 14 sample drawings. The Reflected Ceiling Plans Solution is intended for professional use by architects, electrical and HVAC engineers, interior designers, telecommunication specialists, builders, and other technicians.

ConceptDraw Diagram 12 is compatible with the latest versions of both macOS and Microsoft Windows. It retails for $199 per end user license. It’s also included in ConceptDraw Office 5, which retails for $499.

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