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ADF updates its automated forensic software

ADF Solutions has released new software versions for Digital Evidence Investigator, Triage-Investigator, and Triage-G2 software.  Qualified professionals can request a free trial of ADF forensic software at

“We are very excited to be the first digital forensic software to parse macOS Mojave log files natively under Windows strengthening our macOS support,” says Raphael Bousquet, chief technical officer and co-founder of ADF Solutions. “In our world of fast and efficient forensic analysis, we strive to reduce data noise for the investigator. The addition of picture and video classification is a great step in the right direction!”

A precise timeline view links user activities with pictures, videos, and files of interest so investigators can quickly build a forensic report to share with prosecutors or other investigators, he adds. The new versions leverage enhanced automation and enable investigators to run in-depth digital forensics scans quickly.

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