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Kool Tools: QNAP TS-2888X

QNAP Systems has introduced the TS-2888X AI-Ready NAS, an all-in-one AI solution combining storage and a ready-to-use software environment designed to simplify AI workflows with high cost-efficiency. 

Built using next-gen Intel® Xeon W processors with up to 18 cores and employing a hybrid storage architecture with eight hard drives and 20 high-performance SSDs (including 4 U.2 SSDs), the TS-2888X also supports installing up to four high-end graphics cards and runs QNAP’s AI developer package “QuAI.” 

The TS-2888X is built around AI optimization. Featuring the Intel Xeon W processor with up to 18 cores and 36 threads and up to 4.5 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, the TS-2888X also supports up to 512 GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM 2666 MHz RAM to deliver rapid workload loading and processing. The TS-2888X supports mainstream NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel acceleration cards, providing eight PCIe slots and a 2000W 80Plus Platinum PSU that accommodates up to four high-end graphics cards to unleash tremendous computing power. 

To meet the simultaneous needs for scale and performance, the TS-2888X employs a hybrid storage architecture, supporting eight 3.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s HDDs, sixteen 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s SSDs, and four 2.5-inch U.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 NVMe SSDs with high-speed I/O for enabling SSD caching or auto-tiering advantages for performance-demanding applications.

The TS-2888X introduces a software environment for organizations to easily set up and maintain AI applications. Besides the exclusive QuAI – an AI developer package to quickly build, train and optimize AI models running on the NAS – QNAP’s Container Station enables a range of open-source tools and frameworks (including Caffe, TensorFlow, AlexNet, FaceNet, and more) for the AI workflows readily available to users. The TS-2888X also features flexible backup tools and snapshot protection to assure data security while also allowing efficient disaster recovery. 

Early adopters can take advantage of a 15% discount by pre-ordering the TS-2888X now; the offer ends Nov. 30. For more information about the TS-2888X, including hardware specifications, software features, and pre-orders details, please visit

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