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Kool Tools: Senic’s Nuimo Click

Senic‘s Nuimo Click uses “energy harvesting technology” and provides wireless, one-click control over Sonos speakers and other smart home devices, simplifying the smart home experience.

Senic’s new line of self-powered wireless switches use energy harvesting technology to generate enough energy to provide power to the switch without requiring the need for cables or batteries. The Nuimo Click collects and saves the tiniest amounts of energy every time a button is pressed, converting it into kinetic energy for wireless communication. 

For example, each time a user runs a function on the Nuimo Click, the stored energy is transformed into enough power to send a wireless command to the Nuimo Hub, which triggers the control of smart home devices. This technology reduces energy consumption and provides extensive cost savings in a smart home.

The Nuimo Click provides one-click control for smart home devices such as Sonos or Philips Hue. Users can run functions such as playing a favorite playlist, play/pause, and skipping songs on Sonos speakers. Nuimo Click also provides control to Philips Hue bulbs, allowing users to turn lights on/off, dimming and color control. Nuimo Click is the second product to join the Nuimo lineup from Senic, who are building the future of human-centered smart home technology in Berlin, Germany.

The Nuimo Click Starter Kit is currently available for pre-order with a 20% discount. It’s slated to ship in December.

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