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ROLI launches the Beatmaker Kit for learning beat-making and producing tracks

ROLI has released the Beatmaker Kit, which is designed to help beat-makers of all abilities improve their skills, play with hundreds of sounds, and produce tracks.

It’s a hardware-software package that takes a track from start to finish. It centers on the Lightpad Block and Loop Block — two ROLI Blocks with a surface area the size of a postcard— and includes a suite of software that caters to everyone from learners to skilled producers.The Lightpad Block and Loop Block are small, lightweight, and portable. They connect wirelessly with the sounds in the NOISE app. Even if your kit is connected to desktop software, it still fits in a backpack with a laptop computer or iPad, according to the folks at ROLI.

Beatmaker Kit will be available to purchase starting Oct. 18 for $299.95. You can purchase it at and retailers worldwide, including Guitar Center, John Lewis, Sweetwater, and Amazon.

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