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Kool Tools: BLU 300 wireless sports earphones

Brainwavz’s new $39.50 BLU 300 wireless sports earphones ( are Ideal for using in the gym or on a run. It’s designed specifically with sports in mind. 

The earphones boast an angled earbud to ensure a snug fit in the ear canal when running or working out ensuring there’s no risk of them falling out. They’re also water resistant to IPX7 rating.

The BLU 300 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and provide a convenient 10 meter range from the listening device. This allows users to undertake all manner of physical exercises without having to worry about wires getting in their way.

They also provide good noise isolation. If users wish to take an important call, skip a song or turn the volume up or down, the earphones also feature in-line controls with simple and precise tactile buttons.

For long runs or exercise sessions, the BLU 300 boast up to eight hours of continuous audio playback and 250 hours of standby. They can be fully charged in under two hours.

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