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Quark DesignPad 3.0 mobile design app for the iPad now available

A new version of Quark DesignPad iPad app is now available. It was developed by Quark Software to help creative iPad users explore design, concept ideas and start projects on their tablet. 

It allows you to create and design layouts for posters, postcards, advertisements, invitations, brochures, business cards or newsletters. Once created, the designs can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, by email, printed, exported as print ready PDF or saved to Box or Dropbox. Users can also optionally export the designs as native QuarkXPress files* for further refinement directly in QuarkXPress.

The updated Quark DesignPad 3.0 has been redesigned for iOS 11 and with the new version users have access to:

° Layout Painter: Quickly sketch layouts by using intelligent “box style brushes” then turn them into finished designs;

° Snap to Guides: Helps keep boxes aligned to guides as you move or create them;

° Line Shapes with Dash: Add plain rules to your designs;

° Updated Dropbox support and fixed known issues;

° New polish and color schemes.

The basic version of Quark DesignPad is a free download from the iTunes store. Professional users can opt to unlock the Pro Feature Pack for access to professional output and sharing capabilities for $9.99. The additional features let users save and share print-quality PDFs; save PNG, Adobe PDF and native QuarkXPress file format versions to Box and DropBox for immediate access anywhere; or print with AirPrint support.

Download the new Quark DesignPad 3.0 from iTunes at . 

QuarkXPress 2018 is available for purchase through the Quark Store, from our Quark telesales team or from any of our Authorized Resellers. Upgrade from QuarkXPress 2017 for only $185, upgrade from any version prior to QuarkXPress 2017 for $399, or buy a new license for $849. Discounts are available for volume licenses, education, government, charity and non-profit organizations.

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