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Typinator, PopChar X, KeyCue all upgraded for macOS Mojave compatibility

Ergonis Software has announced Typinator 7.7, PopChar X 8.4, and KeyCue 9.1, making the productivity utilities compatible with macOS Mojave, including support for Dark Mode. 

Since Mojave contains some substantial changes under the hood, you should upgrade to Typinator 7.7, PopChar 8.4, and KeyCue 9.1 before switching to Mojave in order to avoid compatibility issues and to ensure a seamless transition to the macOS update, according to the folks at Ergonis.

In addition to compatibility with Mojave, PopChar X 8.4 adds support for Unicode 11.0, including the new Emoji 11 characters, and comes with a new built-in layout for Emojis. KeyCue 9.1 adds support for Emoji 11.0 as well and allows searching for emoji characters also on the emoji category level. 

Upgrades and new licenses can be purchased at the Ergonis Software online store ( The upgrades are free for anyone who owns a valid license for the most recent major version (that is, Typinator 7, PopChar 8, and KeyCue 9). Upgrade paths are available for owners of older licenses. All purchases (new and upgrades alike) include all subsequent minor upgrades at no additional cost.

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