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Kool Tools: HoverCharge Wireless Phone Charger

The 3-in-1 Wireless Phone Charger by Matryx wants to become the only charger you will ever need. With a prototype ready, the startup debuted its Kickstarter campaign on May 24th to raise $5,500 to launch the charger in July. It hit over 400% of its funding goal already.

Designed with multiple mounts in mind, all of which are included in the kit, the HoverCharge can be used flat like a conventional wireless charger or displayed as a stand; in portrait or landscape view. The goal is to offer solutions to the problems people face with the wireless chargers offered in the market today.

The Qi wireless charger offers 7.5 Watts for supported iPhones and 10 Watts for supported Android devices, comes with a car and a wall power adapter. It works with or without a case. The pre-order prices start at $19.

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