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Escape Motions releases Rebelle 3 for macOS

Escape Motions has released Rebelle 3 (, an upgrade to the natural media application. It adds the following features:

° “Ultra-realistic papers”: you can use not only textured paper backgrounds, but also an imitation of real watercolor papers, some of them with deckled — rough and irregular edges, including: hot press, cold press, rough, Japanese, canvases and others.

° Watercolor simulation code re-design: To adapt to the new papers, a watercolor simulation code has been rewritten to be even more realistic than ever before.

° A new DropEngine: aAn implemented engine enables more realistic paint drying and dripping. You can blow drops and create watercolor dripping effects.

° A Masking Fluid layer. The masking fluid allows you to paint freely over the masked area. 

° Straight line, Ruler and Perspective tools.

Rebelle 3 is available for macOS and Windows for $89.99. There’s a 50 plus discount for existing Rebelle users.

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