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Kool Tools: Foobot indoor air quality monitor

Foobot ( is an air quality monitor with an accompanying iOS app that gives users a clear and visual understanding of how good the air quality is in their home and the knowledge to take small steps to improve it; benefitting the whole family’s long term health.

The major source of pollution which is in every newspaper and website is PM2.5’s. Pollution generated from exhaust fumes, factories, ash etc. Only Foobot measures this. There’s no point in assessing indoor air quality when there is polluted air coming from outside that you’re unaware of and can’t measure. With the Foobot monitor, data from day one is stored in cloud application, so users can learn from the historic data to see what causes spikes in air quality in their home and take steps to change behaviors.

Most consumers want to connect an air purifier to their sensor monitor. Using Foobot, they can monitor everything which affects air quality in the home, including PM2’s (PM or PM2.5). You can buy a cheap Wi Fi plug and connect your air purifier to Foobot to both monitor and improve. Foobot can also connect to smart devices such as Google, Nest and Amazon Echo or to dozens of devices via IFTTT.

Foobot is available in the UK, Europe and the U.S. for £179 and $199.

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