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Kool Tools: ecobee Switch+


ecobee’s ( smart light switch, the ecobee Switch+, offers customers easy and effortless access to information, entertainment and intuitive control.

It can bring voice into any room and is far more than a traditional light switch; it’s the first available light switch to come equipped with built-in Amazon Alexa and a suite of smart features. ecobee Switch+ also lets you rely on motion and daylight sensors or a mobile device for smarter lighting control. Plus, when paired with an ecobee thermostat, the smart light switch will function as a room sensor to manage hot or cold spots.

Together, an ecobee thermostat and ecobee Switch+ offer a seamless solution that makes for an unmatched, better home experience. The room sensor feature will be available later in 2018 via a software update.

Like all ecobee products, ecobee Switch+ will integrate with Apple’s HomeKit Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT. ecobee remains committed to integrating with multiple smart home ecosystems, empowering customers to control their devices using the service that meets their specific needs.

The ecobee Switch+ retails for a suggested price of $99. It’s available at and select retailers including Amazon, The Home Depot and Best Buy, and will be available in store across North America on March 26. ecobee Switch+ works with any light controlled by one switch with a neutral wire and supports most energy-efficient light bulbs, such as the LiFX. It is also rated to control 600w incandescent or 150w LED and CFD loads.

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