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Recommended reading: ‘Learn Java the Easy Way’

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“Learn Java the Easy Way” ( is one of the latest programming books from No Starch Press. Used on more than 3 billion devices, Java is the world’s most popular programming language, and Learn Java the Easy Way is a great introduction to get started coding with it.

Bryson Payne, author of the best-selling “Teach Your Kids to Code,” helps take the difficulty out of learning a new programming language by guiding you step-by-step. Readers will learn to create Java-based mobile and desktop apps, including a guessing game, a secret message encoder, a multi-touch Android app, an animated drawing app that can be shared with friends on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android mobile devices. By providing a hands-on, learn-by-doing approach, Payne provides students, teachers, IT professionals, and hobbyists with the skills they need to start coding right away with Java.

You’ll start by familiarizing yourself with JShell, Java’s interactive command line shell that allows programmers to run single lines of code and get immediate feedback. Then, you’ll create a guessing game, a secret message encoder, and a multitouch bubble-drawing app for both desktop and mobile devices using Eclipse, an industry-standard IDE, and Android Studio, the development environment for making Android apps. As you build these apps, you’ll learn how to:

° Perform calculations, manipulate text strings, and generate random colors;

° Use conditions, loops, and methods to make your programs responsive and concise;

° Create functions to reuse code and save time;

° Build graphical user interface (GUI) elements, including buttons, menus, pop-ups, and sliders;

° Take advantage of Eclipse and Android Studio features to debug your code and find, fix, and prevent common mistakes.

“Learn Java the Easy Way” is 312 pages. It costs $29.95 for a print book/ebook combo or $23.95 for an ebook.

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