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Kool Tools: ALLDOCK charger


The ALLDOCK ( is different from many charging stations on the market thanks to its concealment of “cable clutter” that comes along when charging multiple devices at the same time. In addition, it functions as a complementary piece of furniture rather than a standard piece of technology.

The ALLDOCK is designed as an elegant piece of charging furniture that looks great in the office conference room, hotel room, or home.” It allows users to take control of their electronics as the stations are customizable to meet each family’s unique charging needs and décor tastes. Available options include:

° Two sizes (medium and large);

° A variety of finishes, including bamboo and walnut, Aluminum or classic ABS black and white;

° Various rail widths to accommodate different device cases;

° One Hand Docking Adapters with adjustable cable heights;

Compatibility with four or six USB ports depending on the size of the dock;

Pricing starts at $129.

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