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Kool Tools: Aborbits wet phone rescue pouch


Absorbits’ ( Wet Phone Rescue Pouch is a simple, sleek and economical solution for water-damaged cellphones and other electronics that fit inside the 7.5” x 4.5” pouch.

It fits most smart phones, is convenient for travel, and is easy to use. After being tucked into the pouch, the phone may be ready to work in as little as six hours, but can be left in the case for up to 24 hours to completely dry out. While Absorbits does remove moisture from your phone, it doesn’t fix already water-damaged parts, which may occur prior to placing your phone into the pouch.

The Absorbits Wet Phone Rescue Pouch can be used again and again, while also doubling as a phone storage sleeve. It can be used for preventive maintenance as well. It costs $9.99 and comes in four colors (blue, silver, purple and black).

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