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Chronos debuts Notelife for macOS and iOS

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Chronos has released Notelife for macOS and iOS. It’s a note manager that uses iCloud to sync notes across all of a user’s devices.

According to Jerry Halls, vice president of Sales at Chronos, you don’t have to remember any formatting codes, like Markdown, to format notes. Plus, Notelife offers features not found in Apple’s standard Notes app like the ability to access your notes from the menu bar while using any application, he adds.

It also boasts three-phase encryption: on device, in transit to/from cloud, and in cloud. There features include: menu bar access to notes from any application; geotagging records location where notes are created; unlimited hierarchical folders for organizing notes; tags for categorizing and filtering notes; import/export in standard rich text format; dark or light interface style in macOS; multiple window support in macOS; and more.

A fully functional 30 day trial version of the macOS app can be downloaded from Chronos’ website ( It’s also available on the Mac App Store. Similarly, the iOS version is available at the Apple App Store. Notelife is available via a single subscription that covers all of a user’s devices. An annual subscription costs $20.

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