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Kool Tools: X10 IoT Router


ASRock’s ( $139.99 X10 IoT router is a next generation smart IoT [Internet of Things] hub designed to be an integral part of a smart home environment.

As an IoT router, it’s well equipped to control various smart home devices, including light systems like smart lighting devices, smart locks, smart water meters, television, air-conditioning units and much more without requiring any additional hubs thanks to its ZigBee controller and advances mesh networking technology.

As an access point, the ASRock X10 supports AC1300, equipped with high-gain antennas and supports MU-MIMO and beamforming. As a home-router, it supports parental control, works as a secure VPN server and enables you to access your files at home anywhere around the world thanks to M2M (machine to machine) technology.

The ASRock X10 IoT router can be controlled through the ASRock Router app, which is available at the Apple App Store. It gives complete control of the ASRock X10 IoT router, as well as any smart devices in your home. The app also allows you to add IR devices through a cloud-based database, or learn directly from the device, and control every smart device through your smartphone.

You can choose to control each device manually or add scenes, which set a group of devices up for your desired activity, like turning off all lights and closing the curtains when you go to sleep, turn on your TV, home entertainment system, and set mood lighting when you want to watch a movie, or open the blinds, lights, and power on your coffee maker to wake up in the best way possible.

The ASRock X10 is a fully functioning VPN server, which allows you to securely connect to your home network through L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN and the AES128 encryption standard. With transnational control, you can access your files and devices at home, including USB devices connected to the X10, from anywhere in the world thanks to its advanced M2M (machine to machine) technology. This allows you to stream your music and movies or watch TV shows you recorded at home. It also gives you complete control of your home when you’re away, for instance, you can easily access your IP security cameras in your home to check if everyone is okay and, for instance, remotely adjust your air-conditioning for your pet on a hot summers day.

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